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Liberty Bell Agency, Inc can provide search services for each of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania.  The following describes the broad catagories of search products available.  For a complete list of search products with standard pricing, and more detailed descriptions of our search products in each catagory, click on the appropriate link found in the right side column on this page.



Our Full Title Search Reports disclose the current condition of title to real estate. The report would disclose defects to title, liens, encumbrances, adverse claims and other matters that are found to be affecting title to the real estate. The information reported is that which can be ascertained from the public records while searching the records for a specific time period.

Customary and Standard Time Periods for a full title search:

30 years 
   • the Standard Residential Refinance option
60 years 
   • the Standard Residential Conveyance option
100 years 
   • the Standard Commercial / Land Development option
Historical title
   • Specialty search for periods longer than 100 years

Our Full Title Search Reports are available at three distinct performance and characteristic levels:

Basic Search
Standard Search
Extensive Search

The following Bring-down (date-down) search reports can be completed for a nominal cost within six months after delivery of the Full Title Search Report.

Settlement Bring-down Search Report
Policy Bring-down Search Report

All our Search Reports are prepared in an easy to read layout. However, if you are a licensed title agent looking to be more efficient in preparing your title commitments, we are pleased to be able to provide the same information on forms consistent with the standard schedules of the title insurance commitment form for Pennsylvania. The cover date of the search will be shown as the effective date of the title commitment.



The report will show who holds title to the estate or interest to the real estate, and will delineate defects to title, liens, encumbrances, adverse claims, and other matters found to affect title to the real estate within the public records for the time period searched. Liens and encumbrances will be disclosed on Schedule “B” section 1 of the report, along with any recommended requirements for insuring title. An abstract of the recorded exceptions and other recommended exceptions to title will appear Schedule “B” section 2 of the report. The legal description and recital will be disclosed on Schedule “C” of the report and will be provided even for a Basic Search Commitment.

The current deed with the brief of title will be included as addenda to the Title Commitment forms only for a Standard or Extensive Search Commitment

For an Extensive Search, additional recommended requirements and exceptions to title may be added to the report if an Examination of Title is completed. Copies of the recorded exceptions would also be provided.

This report is only available to licensed title agents and would not include an Underwriters commitment binder jacket. Title agents will need to review, amend and/or augment the recommended requirements and exceptions to title that are shown on the report. The actual “Commitment to Insure Title” can only be issued by the licensed title agent, and then only after the agent has examined the title provided and added any additional requirements and exceptions to comply with the specific underwriting guidelines of their Title Insurance Underwriter. The agent will also need to attach the appropriate Underwriters commitment binder jacket.



  Current Owner Search

   a/k/a Second Mortgage Search, M&J Search, Property Report

  Last Owner Search

   a/k/a Last Insured Owner Search, Two Owner Search


Chain of Title Search
Determination of Present Owner
Grantee Search
Grantor Search
Mortgagor Search
Mortgage Lien Search
Mortgage Notations Search
Corporate Tax Lien Search
Mechanics Lien Search
Municipal Lien Search
Suits Search
Judgment Search
District Court Judgment Search
Federal Tax Lien Search
Financial Statement Search (U.C.C. Search)
Bankruptcy Search
Divorce Search
Support Liens Search
Estate Search (a.k.a. Decedents Search)
Patriot Search
Document Search
Document Copies



Standard Pre-Foreclosure Search 
Current Owner Pre-Foreclosure Search 
Continuation Search

Our Foreclosure Title Search Reports are available to Foreclosing Attorneys and other professionals in the Default Servicing industry. These reports would disclose ownership of record to property, lienholders, and other adverse claimants found of record to have an interest in the title to the real estate. Our typical Foreclosure Title Search Reports include:
(Short Title Reports)
Our company is pleased to provide a number of limited title search reports when a full search is not needed. The report would disclose defects to title, liens, encumbrances, adverse claims and other matters that are found to be affecting title to the real estate but is usually limited to a shorter period of time searched. Our typical short search reports include: Miscellaneous Search Reports are the individual searches that when combined represent a full title search of a property. These individual component searches can be provided if a Full or Short search is not necessary. The various miscellaneous search reports available include:


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