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Title Insurance Endorsements

What are Endorsements?
Endorsements to a title insurance policy are addenda or attachments to the policy that:

  1. may correct or modify a previously issued title policy, or
  2. alter or modify the provisions of the exceptions, conditions and stipulations of the title policy so that the insured party receives greater coverage than would exist under the terms of the unendorsed title policy.

Endorsements create a greater liability for the title insurance underwriter, and therefore most endorsements require an additional charge to be collected in excess of the usual title insurance premium.

In accordance with the Rate Manual adopted by the Title Insurance Rating Bureau of Pennsylvania and approved by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, the charges for endorsements shall be made each time an endorsement is attached to a policy regardless of the number of policies issued in a particular transaction.

For a list of the endorsements approved for use in Pennsylvania, click the appropriate link below:
Pennsylvania Title Insurance Endorsement Guide
Pennsylvania Title Insurance Rate Manual Endorsement Descriptions

For a list of specific endorsements available in Pennsylvania for Loan or Owners Policies, click on the appropriate link below:
Loan Policy Endorsements and Rates
Owners Policy Endorsements and Rates

For a cross-reference guide to ALTA endorsements approved for use in Pennsylvania, click the link below:
ALTA Endorsement Cross-Reference Guide for Pennsylvania


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