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Liberty Bell Agency launches ECHOaccess™ system
Date Posted: 07/26/2010

ECHOaccess™ will allow real-time collaboration of the real estate closing process.


PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- November 8, 2007 – Liberty Bell Agency, Inc. today announced that their ECHOaccess™ system was being made immediately available to all of their customers. This virtual Electronic Closing Home Office provides real-time access to a host of documents and information needed to complete every real estate closing managed by Liberty Bell Agency.


ECHOaccess™ is the result of several months of development work and is powered by Paperless Closer, a product of Ramquest Software, Inc. of Plano, Texas. Ramquest Software, Inc. is a leading provider of software solutions for the Title Industry, and is the developer of the Complete Closing Enterprise system utilized by Liberty Bell Agency for closing management, escrow disbursement, and title production.


“ECHOaccess™ is intended to be a premier productivity enhancement tool, that will help our clients be more successful”, said Jim O’Rourke, vice president of Liberty Bell Agency. “This product was developed to be used by real estate agents, mortgage professionals, attorneys and their buyers, borrowers, and sellers; to provide these parties with a way to collaborate on the closing process. The ability for all parties in a real estate purchase or financing transaction to manage and share information quickly and easily will promote a stress-free and timely closing of every transaction we manage.”


The ECHOaccess™ system is directly integrated with the closing and title management software system employed by the staff of Liberty Bell Agency. Authorized parties to a real estate transaction will be able to access live real-time information about an upcoming real estate closing at any time of the day or night.


Jim O’Rourke touted one of the benefits of using the system, stating that “…within moments of accessing the system, information and documents can be viewed, updated, attached and printed. It is simple to use and should save our clients both time and money; time better spent selling more homes or facilitating additional mortgage loans. In today’s market, giving our clients a competitive edge will help to ensure our mutual continued success.”


About Liberty Bell Agency:

Liberty Bell Agency is a full service Title Agency headquartered in downtown Philadelphia. They provide Title Insurance, Title Searches, Tax Search Information, and Closing Services throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania. Liberty Bell Agency, Inc. has been servicing the needs of the Real Estate industry, including Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, Foreclosing and Real Estate Attorneys since 1993. For more information, contact them at 888-LBA-ACT5 (or 215-625-3660) or visit them at their website


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