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CERTainty Tax Search Solutions
Date Posted: 07/02/2011

Prior to issuing title insurance, a title company will require proof that all real estate taxes and municipal charges have been paid. If this proof is not provided, the title insurer will likely include an exception on the final Title Policy, relieving the insurer of any responsibility for the payment of outstanding taxes or municipal charges. Usually a new purchaser of the real estate does not wish to be responsible for the taxes or municipal charges of the previous owner, nor does a lender wish to have the mortgage subject to any outstanding taxes or charges. To verify that there are no outstanding taxes or municipal charges, someone has to contact the various tax collectors and municipal departments to obtain this information, generally in the form of a Tax Certification or No-Lien Letter.

Conveyancers in a real estate transaction will likely provide this service in addition to a host of other activities. Many realtors and title companies provide fully-staffed conveyancing departments that can provide this service. For more than a decade, Liberty Bell Agency has demonstrated outstanding performance in providing services to real estate related industries. Our Tax Search Services division was formed to acquire tax and municipal charge information for properties located in any of the 67 counties within Pennsylvania. We do this not only for our own transactions, but also as a third-party service for the conveyancing and tax departments for many realtors and lenders.

There are over 2500 independent municipalities within Pennsylvania. Each of these municipalities could have a separate contact for collecting local real estate taxes, county real estate taxes, school real estate taxes, water charges, sewer charges, rubbish charges, recycling charges, and other municipal service charges. In addition, delinquent taxes could be collected by the county tax claim bureau or a private person or company hired to collect delinquent taxes. Delinquent municipal charges could also be collected by a third party. This leaves the possibility that over a dozen or more contacts may need to be made before ascertaining all of the outstanding tax and municipal charges information.

While many local realtors know all of the contacts for their service area, very few companies maintain a complete list of all the contacts within Pennsylvania. Liberty Bell Agency is pleased to be one of the few companies dedicated to keeping current with point of contact changes in each municipality. This investment in information is what allows Liberty Bell Agency to provide our Tax Search Services throughout the state, both quickly and effectively.

You may be able to locate the contact information of the municipal tax collector and the tax claim bureau for a given county if the county has provided online access.  Visit the county information page on our website to see if a particular county has published this information online. 

If your company needs accurate and timely tax search services, click here to be directed to our online order information page. 

We hope we can be of service and look forward to hearing from you.


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